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Nashville Wonders

This August Heart Wonders went on the road to Music City USA - NASHVILLE! Our trip was inspired by the eternal songwriters questions -How do I get more folks to hear our music and love it as much as we do? The folks at CD Baby have been our main distribution resource from the start and provide us with just about every outlet there is including Itunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon etc. We attended and sang at the CD Baby Convention in the Omni Hotel..pretty much as center of action as you can get in Nashville.

Lots of great seminars and tips on using social media which has become the primary distribution mode for music so far this century. Telepathy is surely next on the list and should be available on all flying cars soon.

Dawn and I performed the Alison Krause tune "A Living Prayer" for our fellow "CD Babies" Dawnie also had her Nashville debut at Rippy's on Broadway, singing "Jackson" a Johnny Cash and June Carter duet with the band.

A visit to Music City is not complete without visits to the Ryman - the church of country music and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Must see sites for any visit to Nashville.

The highlight of our tour was a visit to the Grand Ole Opry where we heard Ricky Skaggs AND Garth Brooks perform to a completely electrified full house. Yes, we were this close to the stage! Garth playing a Takamine dreadnought - good choice. What a great musical experience and beyond imagining in terms of good clean fun. DO NOT miss the Opry!

We continue our performances in Venice Florida and look forward to more musical wonders down the road. If you can't be with us, you can still hear us and download our music by clicking the CD Baby and Listen links on our webpage. Keep those Hearts in Wonder of Life, Love and Spirit.

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